Alexander Huth

Secret Giphy Commands in Slack

If you’re on Slack, you’re also most likely a very heavy user of the /giphy command that brings reaction GIFs into your chats. But did you know that there are a few secret commands that make the experience even more satisfying?

#caption “your caption” [image URL]

Puts a caption on any image you want to reference. Instant meme generator!

#dealwithit [image URL]

Three words1: Deal. With. It.

#echo [whatever you want to say]

Make a statement and convert any text into a fabulous GIF.

#magic8ball [decision you need to make]

Feeling indecisive? Pizza or burger for lunch? The Magic 8 Ball offers advice and returns a reaction GIF that’s either Yay! or Nope! or Shrug!

#mashup [whatever you want to say]

One GIF is not enough? Mash two of them together for full GIF glory!

#weather [US zipcode]

This not-so-secret-anymore #weather command GIFs you (see what I did there?) the current weather condition at any US zipcode.

  1. And a pair of sun glasses. On any image you want.