Alexander Huth

Link: The 200 Best Tracks of the 2010s (Pitchfork)

Pitchfork released a list of their 200 best tracks of the 2010s so far:

Every time we pause to look at the last however many years of music, things seem stranger and harder to pin down. Not the music itself, necessarily, but rather how it reaches us and finds its way into our lives. […] All of these changes and many more have altered how we experience music, but one thing is certain: great songs never stop coming.

The list itself leaves room for debate and it’s easy to dismiss it as one of those Pitchfork lists… But it features a well-deserved winner with Oblivion by Grimes and the Top 20 look pretty solid, with Round and Round (by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti) and Runaway (by Kanye West) as runner-ups. Personally, I’m missing at least Get Real, Get Right by Sufjan Stevens.

There are already playlists on Spotify and Beats Music. Additionally, I created a public Google Docs Spreadsheet with the plain ranking of the 200 songs. Find it HERE.